Tools & Supplies - Construction & Repair


Alaska Specialty Woods: Soundboard and brace wood
Colonial Tonewoods:
DePaule Supply: Hand-cut products of mother-of-pearl and abalone
Fret Not Guitar Repair: Instrument Repair Topics and Pictures
Ivoryworks Ltd.: Fossil woolly mammoth,  walrus and mastodon ivory,  fossil stellar sea cow bone and oosic
List of Tonewood Suppliers
Luthiers Mercantile International: Guitar Maker's Supply
McMaster-Carr: Tubing and Tools
Micro-Surface: Finishing Products Woodwind Repair Supplies
Northern Tonewood Company: Finest Quality Instrument Woods
Rescue Pearl Company:  Inlay Materials
All Righteous Woods:
Small Parts, Inc.: Engineering Findings
Stewart-McDonald Guitar Shop Supply: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin Parts and Tools
Tony Griffiths: LATHES - and other small machine tools for the enthusiast and professional
Windcraft Limited: Woodwind & Brass Repair Materials & Tools
Wind Plus: Woodwind Repair Materials
Woodfinder: Lumber, veneer, and sawmill services

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