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44 Artists    97 Tunes    2 CDs   1 Passion 

41 Artists    95 Tunes    2 CDs   1 Passion

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AWARD: LiveIreland 2005 - Best Instrumental Compendium Album of the Year - /Irish American News

On-line Review:  Pay The Reckoning March 2005.   "...these are outstandingly good CDs, as listenable as they are 'important', as lively as they are 'worthy'...These albums deserve a place in every Irish Traditional Music afficionado's CD collection.  However, if you're a flute player, then these CDs need to be on constant rotation."

" invaluable collection, showcasing players of great sensitivity and grace, lavishing their attention on superbly well-chosen sets..." - Aidan Crossey

View a copy of the full review at Pay The Reckoning

Online Review:  Green Man Review December 19, 2004.   "The wooden flute is one of those instruments that utterly defines traditional Irish music and it is difficult to disassociate the two, so it is no surprise that the absolute majority of the material is from that tradition as are the performers and it is mind boggling to think that there are this many master players and many, many more besides carrying this tradition into the new millenium."

"'s nigh impossible to review the release because the overall standard is just so high it occasionally beggars belief, and because the styles differ so radically from player to player"

View a copy of the full review at the Green Man Review archives.

Magazine Review:  fRoots UK, (roots, world & folk) Issue #250, April 2004.   "Not to be missed."

Magazine Review:  Dirty Linen USA (folk & world music magazine) by Duck Baker, Issue #107, Aug-Sep 2003. p.85.   "There's certainly something for everyone here, and all the flutists give good accounts of themselves."

"With so many contemporary CDs being self-produced and underexposed, the chance to hear tracks from dozens of such recordings should not be missed by any Irish music lover"

Magazine Review:  Songlines Magazine UK (world music magazine) by Geoff Wallis, Issue #16, Jan-Feb 2003, p.88.   "Intoxication, exhilaration and exploration characterise this box of absolute delights - buy now while stocks last!"

View a copy of the full review at The Irish Music Review 

Magazine Review:  Irish Music Magazine  (Ireland), Mar 2003.  "The racks of record shops are stuffed with a superfluity of unnecessary compilation albums ... Here however is a very welcome exception and the first ever compilation of latter-day flute players to sit proudly on your shelf next to Harry Bradshaw's collection of early 20thC recordings 'Fluters of Old Erin."

"Nevertheless, this huge undertaking provides a galaxy of delights and a feast of surprises. Even the most ardent enthusiast is unlikely to have most of the tracks collected here and there are a few previously unreleased, including a tremendous live recording of John Skelton.  Equally any danger of gorging at the feast is overcome by the imagination of the compiler's organisation , so one moment, influence-wise, you're in Belfast with Hammy Hamilton, then over the Glenshane pass to Derry with Turlach Boylan."

"Stocks of this CD are limited but inestimably worth the effort in acquiring."

Selected on the fRoots Critics Poll 2002

"The WFO CDs should be given to every beginner of the flute, they are an incredible resource, and joy to listen to. Thanks for doing this." - Sonja Krause-Harder

"I have received the CD and I think it is an admirable project - I was mildly surprised at the fact I was able to listen to it right through - guess I'm "an obsessive" too." - Desi Wilkinson

"Guaranteed to get your foot tapping from track one..." - Trevor Wye

"Altogether this album is a fine snapshot of the types of music being played on these lovely instruments.  If you enjoy the rhythmic pulse of a well-played jig or reel, the haunting timbre of a slow air, or would simply like a good collection of wooden flute playing, then these discs are a great choice." - Damian Werner, Dusty Strings Acoustic Music Shop

"2-CD Irish flute blowout with virtually every name-brand Irish flute player on the scene" - Elderly Instruments

"2 CD compilation of 41 world-class players of Trad Irish Music. massive!" - Ossian USA

"A DAZZLING NEW FLUTE CD.  I love these CDs. They are a must for flute & for whistle players alike." - Dale Wisely, Chiff & Fipple

"I can think of no more useful introduction to the rich heritage of traditional and modern Irish flute music.  The richness of tone, the brilliance of the technique and the passion of the performances are overwhelming in variety and intensity." - The Flute Network

"I think I'm stating the obvious here, but the "Wooden Flute Obsession" CD is incredible!!! This may be the definitive record of Irish flute playing in the 20th century." - glauber

"It is awesome and inspiring ~ what a good job you have done in compiling these great tunes ~ many, many thanks from a VERY satisfied customer!!" - Mary V.

"My CD arrived yesterday here in Australia. I am blown away by the scope of this project. I am thankful that it exists. I think that it is a real treasure of human endeavor." - Mark Hoza, Kything Flutes

"Mine arrived today - Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!" - Loren B.

"Got to be the best collection of solo flute ever put together. Fantastic job!" - BillG

"Wooden Flute Obsession is a magnificent achievement.  It's a joyous celebration of the music which our beloved instrument makes in the hands of master players.  It is also a unique reference for students of the flute and of the music." - Richard Moon, TUNEdb

"It allows me to discover new players (and new tunes), rediscover old ones and the juxtaposition of all those styles gives a new dimension to tracks I thought I knew.  It certainly is the greatest monument to Irish flute playing there is so far." - Thierry Mayes

"What a great service you have done for fluters and all the ITM community!" - Cathal Morley

"I wanted to thank you for your effort in putting together the WFO CD.  For me, however, in addition to the tremendous flute playing, the CD is equally enjoyable for the excellent bouzouki and guitar accompaniment represented.  How nice of you to add that extra benefit for those of us who also enjoy the playing of John Doyle or Arty McGlynn as much as Matt Molloy or Grey Larsen.  I would have gladly bought the CD just for the backing tracks ! - Phil Petrowski

"Kevin, my copy of WFO arrived a few days ago and I'm thrilled--outrageously excellent great fun!  Few albums pull me through track after track the way these do." - Will Harmon

"...this is a great introduction to the world of Irish traditional flute playing and to its many stylistic facets." - Celtic Grooves

On-line Review: July 2004.   Rated 4 harps"To find something this entertaining and this instructive is a gift.  Trad flute students should get this album as quickly as possible.  But, what a find for the rest of us!!  Trust us.  This is exhaustively complete.  And, this really is important.  It is wonderful.  Wow!!!!."

View a copy of the full review at 

AWARD: HONORABLE MENTION - Best Trad Albums of 2004 - Irish Echo

On-line Review:  The Flow July 2004.    "Uniquely, it places established recording artists alongside lesser-known but equally-regarded players who might not have recorded before or have previously held a reputation within the flute-playing community only.  It goes without saying that all of these musicians are worth hearing and together with the previous volume make for essential listening."

On-line Review:   "A much anticipated sequel, and another excellent 2-CD set. 
- Celtic Grooves

Newspaper:  Irish American News: Tradition in Review, July 2004.  "Fortunately, as we become increasingly buried in new traditional recordings, there are still the occasional (very occasional) thrilling moments when something truly important arrives in the mailbox...We can truly say we loved every minute." - Bill Margeson

"Many of the players are really exciting to listen to, both ones I'd heard of but not heard, and ones I'd never heard of at all before.  My taste is very traditional - I don't especially like jazzy variations or other 'foreign' influences - and this recording is full of great music that is technically spectacular but full of the traditional feel as well.  Thanks again for this wonderful recording." - Michael Anthony

"Second volume of today's finest Irish flute players, this time with more previously unreleased stuff than ever." - Elderly Instruments

On-line Review:  The Flow .    " It is surely difficult for contributors and executive producer alike to work on a project like this with an awareness of the success that has gone before. However, the continued mix of better and lesser-known names retain the high standards of performance and production of the previous releases and ensure that this is another essential recording for lovers of the Irish traditional flute."

"41 more exciting tracks to feed your obsession" - Celtic Grooves

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